U.S. News States That Lexington Is Among the Best Places to Live.

U.S. News states that Lexington is among the best places to live.

Is it better than LouisvilleY

In its first year in the annual U.S. News & World Report rankings of the best places to live in the United States, Lexington was ranked 21st.

The study from U.S. News looked at a variety of factors, including jobs, crime, population growth, cost of living and access to quality health care, to determine its rankings.

Lexington was introduced in the rankings in 2018 and beat out many larger cities. Of the 25 new additions to the rankings this year, only Huntsville, Ala.,was better at 7th.

YCombined with a diverse job market and a stable economy, this makes Lexington an ideal place for young professionals, families and retirees,Y the review said.

U.S. News is known for its influential hospital and college rankings. However, the rankings often have some critics.

A low cost of living compared to median household income was a key reason for LexingtonYs favorable rating, according to the U.S. News. Lexington is the 12th most affordable city in the country, it said.

YWhether renting or purchasing a home, your dollar will go further in Lexington than in most towns,Y according to the ranking.

Making a dollar was easier in Lexington than some other places. The unemployment rate was 3.8 percent, which is 0.6 percent lower than the national average, U.S. News said.

Also favored was an average morning commute of 21.3 minutes, an amount that put Lexington in the top 20 for shortest work drive. Lexington was also above-average for its college readiness of students, a plus for families.

Despite 28 murders in Lexington in 2017, its highest ever, Lexington had a lower crime rate than similarly sized metro areas, the study said. While violent crimes occurred less frequently, the cityYs amount of property crimes were higher than those in cities similar to Lexington.

Lexingtonians likely will be happy to know the city greatly outranks Louisville (61) and Cincinnati (49). The study determined that LexingtonYs desirability, value and quality of life are better than Louisville and Cincinnati.

Austin, Texas was the top U.S. place to live for the second straight year, U.S. News determined.


source:  Lexington Herald Leader