Tips To Sell Your Home In Winter

Winter is just around the corner and while houses usually do not sell as well in winter as in the warmer seasons, there are some things you can do to to make buyers more likely to visit your open house. Here are several things to try when selling your home in winter.

Clear Snow

This might seem obvious but it can be easily overlooked if you’re focused on other things. Shovel your driveway, sidewalks, and walkways even if it is still snowing. Melting snow from the sun, temperature changes, and footsteps will freeze into ice causing a safety issue. Use salt as well for extra traction and to help melt the snow. Remember to shovel away snowdrifts so potential buyers don’t have to walk through them. A rubber mat by the door as well as an umbrella holder will be much appreciated as well.

Use Light

The dark days of winter can make your house look dreary. Open curtains and blinds to let natural light in to brighten up your home and turn on lights. Even appliance lights and closet lights will help make your home look more inviting.


If you’re showing your home regularly, you are probably keeping your house clean. Winter can bring in extra dirt and debris from snow, leaves, dead grass, dirt, and salted roads and sidewalks. Children, pets, and leaving the house frequently can contribute to a dirtier home. Make sure to pay extra attention to floors and rugs near doors when cleaning as they will take the brunt of the winter dirt. Make sure to wipe up any water from melted snow to prevent slips.

Make Your Home Warm and Cozy

Make your home warm and cozy by turning up the heat. The warm temperatures will keep potential buyers more comfortable during cold days and will give them an incentive to stay longer. Use items like Christmas decor, blankets, a fireplace, and candles to make your home more inviting and seem like an actual home.

Serve Winter Foods

Try serving hot apple cider or hot cocoa to potential buyers. Baking cookies is always a good choice for the comforting scent and delicious!

Use Automatic Lights

The dark nights of winter and sudden snows call for extra lighting. Install automatic lights to come on as it gets dark to light up your home to make it look more inviting.