Top Five Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell At Top Dollar

top staging tips for Lexington, KY

When we meet with a seller, the same question always comes up. What little things can they do to help make their home show better to potential buyers? We have a list of the Top Five Staging Tips that help our clients sell their home at top dollar.

Landscaping – Seeing is believing.
Every buyer makes a first judgment based off your home’s exterior. They’ll drive by your home and decide if they want to go inside. So, make sure you have a fresh-cut mowed yard. Keep your plants hydrated. Trim your trees so they aren’t hitting the house. Power wash the outside of your home.

The Tidy-Up
This is one of my favorite Lexington, KY staging tips. When your selling your home, a last minute showing is common. So, it’s crucial that you tidy-up before leaving the house every day. Make sure that the pillows are on the couch and the bed’s tidy. Folding up blankets and opening the blinds will make the home look brighter. Put laundry away or make sure it’s put away. Clean the dishes and make sure they are out of the sink.

Make sure that all light bulbs are in working order. Potential buyers walk through and will most likely turn on all the lights. Low lighting doesn’t make the best impression.

Staging versus Vacant Homes
Here’s one of our Lexington, KY staging tips that’s easy to overlook. Homes show better when it’s staged versus vacant. Buyers imagine themselves buying when they have an idea of what the previous owners did with a space. Especially true if you have odd areas of the home that people may wonder what the space is typically used for. So, if you are able to list your home while you are still living there, that is ideal. If not, leaving a couple of key pieces is great for staging purposes!

Follow Your Realtor’s Advice
We do this every day for a living, your Realtor will be very knowledgeable about how to show your home. If you have questions, ASK THEM! Selling your home at top dollar and quickly is a top priority. We advise you to make your dream price a reality. The key is that potential buyers need to feel like they’ve arrived home. Follow these five simple staging tips and you will have a buyer making an offer in no time!