The Bells have over 40 years of combined experience to guide you through the sale of a property. 

Below are a few of the important aspects of a sale, as well as the ways in which they’re here to help you.


The Bells stay on top of that particular market so they can guide you in the pricing your home. Ultimately, it’s your decision. You’re the Captain of the ship.  Think of them as your navigators.


Presentation, condition, staging and general market exposure of your property is key to a successful sale.  Beth and Nancy can provide valuable resources and strategies to maximize the marketability of the property. while helping to make the process easier for you.  Every client is different in their abilities to prepare a property.  They can work with all varying levels of engagement in this regard.  And they understand, that sometimes the client may not be located in the Central Kentucky area.  

If it’s at all possible to talk with The Bells a couple of months before the house is presented to the market, can be a great benefit in making preparations. 


Having negotiated over 2,000 transactions combined, They know how to look at all facets of an offer,  and manage the intricate details of each offer you receive.  They’ll help you gain a realistic perspective of your market, and help you forecast potential return on the sale.  You’ll have a full picture of your position before ever making a decision about an offer.  

Coordination, Renegotiation, Closing

Once your house is under contract, they’ll be there to manage the entire transaction, from inspection to appraisal and through all the steps to the closing table.

When selling a property, each scenario brings it’s own unique and different variables. When you decide to hire The Bells, they can help you manage those variables.  They’ll take care to fully understand your needs, then tailor their services to what’s important to you.  Lastly, they’ll provide the expertise and professionalism you demand to help you maximize your return on your investment.

No matter your timeline in selling your property, it’s never too early to call The Bells.

They’re  Mother and daughter…helping you make it home!