Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Lexington

Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Lexington, KY

Higher walkability equals higher profit margins when it comes to home sales, according to a new report from Redfin.The report found that homes within walking distance of schools, shopping, parks and other amenities sell for an average of 23.5%, or $77,668, more than properties that are car-dependent.While homebuyers will pay more for walkability, that premium has dropped 2.3% since the last time Redfin conducted the study in 2015.

Along with the real estate investment, studies show that walkable neighborhoods are good for your health and wallet. The average resident of a walkable neighborhood is less at risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Residents of walkable neighborhoods also save money on car owning costs, even if they use their car on a regular basis. A recent study also shows that residents in walkable neighborhoods have lower predicted 10-year cardiovascular disease risk, compared to people living in less walking-friendly areas.

According to Walk Score, overall Lexington has a walk score of 34 and a bike score of 46, meaning the city is primarily car dependent.

While Lexington is mainly a car dependent city with most major errands requiring car transportation, there are some neighborhoods In Lexington ideal for pedestrians with higher walk scores.

Downtown Lexington

Walk Score-91

Historic South Hill

Walk Score-89

Aylesford Place-Woodland Park

Walk Score- 81

North Upper Street

Walk Score- 81

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