More and More Luxury Homes Utilizing Auctions

Real estate auctions, once used for foreclosures and distressed sellers, is moving upmarket.

The number of multi-million-dollar homes being sold at auction has nearly doubled in the past year, according to real estate analysts and auction companies.

Concierge Auctions, the biggest player in high-end real estate auctions, said it will sell at least 20 homes this year that were listed for more than $10 million Y double last year’s total. And next year is already looking even stronger.

“The trend for high-end real estate going to auction is definitely on the rise,” said Laura Brady, CEO of Concierge. “We’re seeing more sellers across the country more than ever before, especially in the $10 million, $20 million-plus and even $100 million-plus category.

The reason for the surge in high-end auctions is simple supply and demand. Developers and investors have built a vast supply of massive homes aimed at wealthy buyers with sky-high price tags. But the market for those homes remains relatively small, especially since Russian, Chinese and Middle East buyers have faded from the U.S. market.