Millennials have different views on Home Ownership

HereYs a look at what Millennials want in a new home and why: 

Contrary to reports that the recession left Millennials disillusioned about owning a home, 75 percent believe homeownership is an important long-term goal and 73 percent see real estate as a good investment. About a quarter already own a home and 60 percent plan to purchase in the future. According to estimates, Millennials aged 25-plus account for 15 percent of new home shoppers. Lending constraints, student debt and down payments are still hurdles, but as the economy and jobs continue to improve, substantially larger numbers of these buyers will shop for homes. Over the next five years, Millennials are expected to account for about two-thirds of new households.

Millennials have long been touted as the generation that prefers city over suburbs, but multiple recent studies show that city living only appeals to a small portion, from 5 to 16 percent (depending on the study), while 55 to 66 percent say they prefer the suburbs. On the other hand, younger Millennials who are renting definitely favor urban settings. 

Three-quarters want a single-family home. When asked about home size, 2,475 square feet is what a majority would like to have. Two-story homes (52 percent) and open concept floor plans (78 percent) were also preferences in recent NAHBYs research. For bedrooms, 81 percent said they wanted either three or four and two or two and a half baths would be fine.

YHome design is one of the top motivating factors,Y says Mollie Carmichael, a principal in John Burns Consulting. Design emerged as the No. 1 trend for Millennials. Also topping the list was a focus on function over size.

The most desired featureY ItYs a laundry room, with 55 percent of Millennials saying they just wouldnYt buy a new home without one. Surprisingly, exterior lighting came in second, with 88 percent saying it was essential or desirable. Storage is also important, with linen closets, a walk-in pantry and garage storage making the top 10 most desired features.

About half of those under 35 report that their current use for outdoor space is limited to grilling, yet a majority want their space to feel like a relaxing retreat for entertaining. And they were more likely than older generations to use their outdoor space for meals and to decorate as they would their living and dining rooms.