Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Farmhouse decor


open concept farmhouse

When many of us first look into farmhouse decorating, we immediately assume the home must have a rustic touch. However, that is not always the case, in fact, we have come to conclude that the best farmhouse living rooms have a twist or two of modern which is where having an open concept comes into play. The idea is to have a welcoming feeling, but with a very almost personal visual. The key is using comfortable furnishing, paired with open lines and industrial light fixtures for that engaging implication of farmhouse style.

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

reclaimed wood ceiling

There is something crisp, clean and cozy about having a wooden ceiling. Somehow it screams comfort and charm all at once. Incorporating organic bits allows the combination of textures to become a focal point with a bold twist. It modernizes the space without the need for additional furnishing elements.

Simplicity and Comfort

simplicity and comfort farmhouse decor

As soon as you decide on adding a farmhouse approach to your dYcor you want to take simplicity and comfort into consideration. The two specific words will take you far when youYre decorating your living room. So, donYt go big on ceiling dYcor or finding expensive material, instead opt for necessary items that add a relaxed touch with an elegant finish.

Monochromatic Charm

Farmhouse charm

When it comes to farmhouse style, monochromatic is always a good idea, not only is it traditionally acceptable, but it makes the room feel grand in its own kind of way. A few details can make any room feel like a farmhouse. Add a few wood pieces and sleek lines to bring a grand approach right where you need it.

Shiplap Always Works

Shiplap farmhouse

Since wood has been heavily used in farmhouse dYcor before, itYs time to take a stand and create a unique twist with shiplap. Shiplap paneling is one of the easiest ways to bring a farmhouse style in your home. Consider stained wood for a unique twist that still has that shiplap allure.

Farmhouse Color

A light, fresh color palette is not only an awesome way to bring a farmhouse appeal, but it allows you to use colors that brighten the room. You donYt always need to use hues of white, sometimes all a room really needs is a pastel twist which is where we are headed now. Consider adding bits if blues, beige and even gray for that fun, yet farmhouse charm.

Your farmhouse style will of course be your very own, but these are great examples of warmth and simplicity, characterized by natural textures and materials like wood or galvanized steel. The farmhouse style emphasizes well-used and loved items, a perfect decor for a family room.