Decorating Your Home For Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day wreath

Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember those who fought and gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy. It is also a great time for families and friends to gather and spend quality time together. Check out our décor tips for this Memorial Day Holiday and make it truly memorable.

Bring Patriotic Color to Your Indoor and Outdoor

Colorful flowers will not only enliven your table, they present a good way to welcome guests and usher in the weekend. Choose flowers that are bright and cheerful but not over the top. Gorgeous table decorations show off your style and creativity, beautify your dining table, and add splendor to your dining room. You can also plant flowers with patriotic colors in flower pots and place them throughout your exterior.

Serve Food With Patriotic Colors

If you can’t afford to buy artificial decorations, get creative with food. Choose red , blue, and white food and create edible works of art. You can use red strawberries and tomatoes, blue chocolate candy or blueberries, and white creams and breads. Your guests will love looking at the food as well as eating it. In fact, don’t be surprised if they keep on saying “This food looks good enough to eat.”

memorial day food

Enliven your Lawn

You can add pizzazz to your drive with patriotic jars. Simply paint mason jars red, white, and blue. Place votive candles and small flags inside the jars for added appeal. We really love battery-operated votive’s as they double as flag spotlights.

To capture the attention of your guests, paint stars on your lawn. However, be sure to buy paint that is not harmful to grass. Create a stencil from a cardboard and make the stars. Your home will become the most festive in the entire neighborhood.

lawn stars

Memorial Day is a great time to kick back and spend time with family and friends. It is a wonderful way to commemorate the day and your guests will enjoy themselves tremendously.