Commuting Time a Consideration in Housing

With the red-hot job market, millions are moving to a new city this year.  The cost of housing is a big consideration in deciding if taking that new job offer is really worth it.  But also, a person’s commuting time is a growing consideration as people are focusing more on their quality of life.

The U. S. Census Bureau compiled the average daily round-trip commute times for almost 1,000 cities and the data is very alarming.  The average American worker spends 52.2 minutes a day commuting to and from work, or 4.35 hours a week. This translates to an average of 408 days of one’s life commuting – and more in large cities.

This means that the time spent commuting is a major consideration on where to relocate and purchase the next  home, the longer the commuting time – potentially, the less desirable a city or neighborhood becomes. put together a great interactive map that you can checkout to determine your local commute time: Click HERE for the interactive map.