Interested in buying a home in the Bluegrass?

We’ll help you set a great plan from the beginning, so you can enjoy your buying experience

Buyer Consultation

Whether you’re buying your very first home in Lexington KY, or you’re an expert in the process, Beth and Nancy always enjoy meeting with their clients for an hour or so to set a great plan from the start.  Once they’ve had a chance to visit and talk about what’s most important to you, they’ll move forward in your home search.  It’s their goal for you to feel completely confident about the steps in the home buying process, the documentation you’ll be signing for your new home, their understanding of your wants and needs in your new home, your optimal price range, financing options, and their efforts to keep in constant communication with you.  Most importantly, you’ll feel confident in their experience and ability to represent you best in your purchase.  Sometimes, your perfect house will become available and they’ll want to move quickly based on the pace of the market.  The Buyer Consultation is indispensable in this case.

Your Home Search

During the Buyer Consultation, they’ll search for homes online together.  They’ll discuss what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see in your new home, and any other details about your search.  Then, they’ll make plans to show you those properties that best suit your needs.  Sometimes, it’s a matter of hopping in the car fairly quickly, especially in faster markets.  They’ll create a search online for you and will be alerted when new properties become available.  They’ll stay in touch constantly through email, text or phone calls, as you prefer.   As properties come on the market, they’ll make sure you see the ones you find interesting.

After You Find Your Dream Home

Beth and Nancy will manage all the steps to complete your transaction, everything from offer preparation and negotiation on your behalf to inspections and loan approval.

Preparation for Closing

They’ll help you plan for your move and provide resources for a smooth transition to your new dream home.

Your home is your biggest and most important investment!

Whether you’ve bought and sold real estate many times over the years, or you’re new to the process, The Bells will tailor their service to YOUR individual needs.

Your investment is unique! Call them anytime to schedule a buyer consultation.

They’re Mother and daughter…helping you make it home!