The Safest Affordable Metro Areas are........

Looking to find a safe place to live where you can still afford a great home? And wouldn't it be nice if there were even fun stuff to do after work and on weekends? Yes, indeed. set out to find these seductive strongholds where you can have it all. And we're not talking about the boonies: They zeroed in on metropolitan areas, which include cities and the surrounding suburbs. 

The places that made their affordable safe harbor ranking are a mix of smaller metros that never really struggled with high crime, and cities once riddled with problems that have successfully pulled off a turnaround. Their list is concentrated on resurgent Midwest, Southern, and Rust Belt cities. No Western metros were included because home prices are simply too high.

They analyzed crime data provided by NeighborhoodScout, a website that tracks community data, focusing on America's 150 largest metros. Then, they eliminated those with high rates of violent or property crime, and with home prices above the (roughly) $300,000 national median. Next, they zeroed in on cities with great extracurriculars—running the gamut from nightlife, to kayaking, to great indie bookstores.

And the winners are:

  1. Grand Rapids, MI
  2. Pittsburgh, PA
  3. Port S. Lucie, FL
  4. El Paso, TX
  5. Syracuse, NY
  6. Hartford, CT
  7. Fayetteville, AR
  8. Springfield, MA
  9. Cincinnati, OH
  10. Fort Wayne, IN



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