Sunday afternoon I was visiting with a new neighbor who was telling me about how her Son would like to sell his house.  “But I know it’s tough to sell a house during the Fall and Winter” she says.


I have always said, if a house is in good condition, market ready, and is priced properly, it should sell.

Home buyers buy during all times of the year and for a multitude of reasons.  People get transferred, get married, have another child, and experience other milestones that allow them to make a change in their living situation.  This happens every day of every month of the year.

In addition, especially in the Central Kentucky market, inventory is low.  And, there are a lot of buyers who are waiting for the right property to become available.  If they find it in July, great!  But they’d be willing to move in December all the same.

Here’s an example.  Around Thanksgiving of last year, we received a phone call from some former clients.  Their family had grown and they were excited to buy their forever home.  Upon our initial consultation, we encouraged them to replace carpet and make some updates to the kitchen.  They completed the updates and made some other preparations to assure it “market ready”.  We listed it the first week of February, and it sold 7 days later.

Condition, market readiness, and price , those are the three key consideration when selling, at any time of the year.

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