We don't think of it as "selling" real estate - The Bells Real EstateWhat we really do is serve you, our valued clients, as your trusted advisor.  We guide you through your unique investment and move, looking after your best interest every step of the way.

Oh sure, we do everything we can to describe and highlight all the features and benefits of the homes we list and show.   And we’ll go above and beyond the call for our buyer and seller clients to assure the best possible outcome for your transaction.

We’re hand holders, confidants, problem solvers, protectors of other peoples pets, professional door lockers and light switcher off and on’ers. We proofread your contracts and paperwork ten times before we say it’s ready, we check our emails and text messages in the middle of the night for you.  And we have dreams about your home search and sale too.

Buying and selling a house is different for everyone.  Each client has different goals, stories, and different reasons for making what should always be considered your important and significant move.

So for us, it’s essential not to think of it as “selling”.