We’ve heard  about location, location, location.  And, the adage still holds.  It’s obviously important to select a home in a desirable area. As with anything else, there are caveats.

One of the other important objectives I focus on with buyers is selecting a home that will sell well in the future.

SELL?  Why would someone think about SELLING a house when they’re buying it?

Well, it’s pretty simple.  Lives change, families grow, and there are great many other reasons people move.  So, one of the most important considerations when buying, is your chances of selling it.

Someone once explained it to me like this.  And, I often use this with both buyers and sellers…

Ever hear a song on the radio that seems to be one they play every fifth song?   It’s really catchy, has a great beat, “you can dance to it”.  (Sorry, showing my age.)  And, it seems to appeal to A LOT of people.  In fact, it appeals to the MASSES.  That’s what you’re looking for when buying.

Something that appeals to the majority of people who consider buying it in the future.

So, as you look at prospective houses in which you may make a home.  Give some serious consideration as to how easily you can sell it in the future.

Happy house hunting!

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