Historically, the Spring market in Central Kentucky brings a shift in energy and a faster pace.  So, as we prepare our buyers for the home-buying process, we assure that everyone is ready to move quickly on a property in case it’s necessary.  Here are a couple ways to be prepared.

1. Establish a solid relationship with your Realtor long before you go to an open house or start looking for properties online.  We’ve said it before.  Whether you’ve bought and sold property many times before, or you’re a first time buyer, a great plan up front can minimize surprises and make for a smoother transaction.  Select an agent and then sit with them for an hour or so to set out your plan.  And lastly, establish a Buyer Agency Agreement with them.  This will line out several intricacies of the transaction.

2. Understand the Offer to Purchase Agreement BEFORE you write an offer with your agent.  Ask your Realtor to go through the Offer to Purchase (the purchase contract) with you so you understand the specifics, as well as particular timelines in the transaction.  For instance, how long would you have to complete a home inspection, if you choose to get one?  And, how long does the seller have to respond to your initial offer?  Talking about these items up front helps a lot when you decide to move on a property quickly.  We make a habit of providing our buyer clients a copy of the Offer to Purchase Agreement, with notes throughout, explaining each section.  This is especially important in faster markets.

Lastly, once you have a great plan in place, have fun.  This is an exciting time, enjoy it!

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